Free Breakfast Seminar
Wednesday 27th March 2019
The Fenwick Hotel, Kilmarnock

Hear from our guest speakers on how to:

  • Establish a Business Will – do you have a domestic Will? What about your business?
  • Raise Funds – Short term unsecured, asset and invoicing finance, development and Angel investments
  • Save on outlays by using a one stop shop for all renewals, saving time and money
  • How to claim back your entitlement to the valuable (typically £30,000) Research and Development Tax Credits available from HMRC
  • Protect your company / shares against all the ‘What ifs what if I have a long term illness, what if we can’t buy the shares of a retiring director / partner
  • Set up your life cover through your business
  • Plan retirement and exit plan
  • Switch or implement your workplace pension
  • Unsecured VAT and tax bill funding