Research & Development Tax Relief

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Have you spent any budget on improving systems, research & development products or services?
If so, as a business you could be due a rebate from HMRC – if not claimed by the end of your tax year this could be lost forever!

If you are a limited company who has been trading for more than 12 months and have developed new, or improved existing products/systems? We would like to discuss your potential to claim a rebate from HMRC.

“There is a substantial fund set aside by the government that is going unclaimed because businesses don’t realise it’s for them or don’t know how to properly claim it” HRMC Officer.

What is R & D Tax Relief?

Research & Development Tax Relief is one of the most generous, yet under-claimed incentives designed to help companies throughout the UK. Essentially, it is the Government’s way of rewarding businesses that are developing new or appreciably improving existing products, processes, systems and materials.

Based on HMRC figures, only 0.5% of businesses in the UK are making claims for R & D.

What Qualifies as R & D Expenditure?

  • Staff costs
  • Software
  • Utility bills
  • Subcontracted work

We provide a free initial appraisal and will confirm if you are eligible to a claim.

No Win – No Fee!

Qualifying Examples

  • Software Development
  • Automation
  • Development of New Materials
  • Innovative Formulas
  • Development of New & Improved Product
  • Failed & Successful Projects

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